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Easiwall Maintenance
Our Easiwall unit is designed for permanent installation of up to four storeys. Unlike other systems there is no establishment period required, and so your plants will already look well established. The panels are made from very tough recycled polypropylene and so will survive the weather.

In the year of planting pruning should not be required, as the plants will be establishing themselves. Thereafter pruning should be carried out once or twice a year in order to keep a tidy appearance. The best months for pruning are April/May and September/October. It is a good idea to regularly remove dead leaves and spent flowers.

An annual feeding with a liquid fertiliser in spring is essential. You may choose to top up the nutrient supply at the end of summer. If your Easiwall already has a fertigation system attached, then the feeding will take place automatically. This unit must be refilled at the beginning of every season. Contact the team for refills.

The Easiwall installation needs to be adequately watered, but if you are watering by hand, avoid overwatering. If your wall has an automatic system then annual maintenance will involve shutting down before winter (Nov) and starting up again in spring (March). It is important to check for blockages, leaks and flow rates at this time. We recommend consulting a professional. For more information please contact us
Pests and diseases

Due to the number of different varieties of plants within each installation, it is difficult to specify a single method of prevention. So regular visual checks should be carried out to detect and eradicate any problem in the early stages. Chemicals may be used for specific pests with moderation. If your wall contains edible plants we recommend you take extra caution when selecting a product, and always follow the instructions on the packaging to ensure safety and correct application.

If you are in any doubt about the condition of your Easiwall, please contact us